Product tips, advice and care

Here you get advice on how to best take care of and care for your Stabilotherm products, so that they have a long life. You will also find tips and tricks on how to use the products in the best way. So you can have the best cooking experience and get the most out of your products from Stabilotherm.

Make a fire with fire steel.

Fire steel has many advantages over using a lighter or matches. The fi [...]

Using the Wood Stove Tower

The ultra-light outdoor kitchen “Tower” is your new best o [...]

Care for your Jägarstekpanna

If you care for your Jägarstekpannan the right way, you will have a f [...]

Season your Jägarstekpanna

How to season your Jägarstekpanna. [...]

Care for your wooden products

Wood is a natural and living material. It shrinks when the air is dry [...]

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