Olea spoon

Art.nr: 110071

MSRP 12.5 €

Length: 20,5 cm

Product description

A wooden spoon in olive wood. Each spoon is unique thanks to the beautiful grain of the wood. Use both for breakfast porridge or outdoor food.

Olive wood is a very hard, durable natural material.

Olive wood is particularly suitable for kitchen utensils due to its antibacterial properties.

Materials and durability

Olive trees have many uses. The primary thing is to generate olives, but when it is not possible to harvest more, the trees are used as wood raw material for various products.

Remember to care for your wooden product, rinse it and dry immediately. Lubricate it with, for example, olive oil from time to time, and it will last for generations. If the Olea spoon looks white and dry when you buy it, we recommend that it immediately get a proper oil bath, so it gets a little extra love, after being stored in a dry warehouse and shop environment.

Not dishwasher safe.

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