Antal portioner : 4

Youll need:

185 grams Nacho chips
150 grams Grated cheese
150 grams corn
1 Red onion
100 grams Salsa
Sliced ​​Jalapeño


In order for the cheese to melt faster, it is good to cover the frying pan with foil or similar.


  • Put a handful of chips in the bottom of the frying pan, so that they cover the bottom
  • Then sprinkle grated cheese, chopped red onion and corn.
  • Add another handful of chips, grated cheese, chopped red onion and corn. Top with sliced ​​jalapeño to taste.
  • Let stand over the fire until the cheese has melted. Feel free to stir the bottom so that the chips don't burn. If you have the opportunity to cover with foil or similar, the cheese will melt faster.
  • Serve with taco sauce and some more jalapeños!

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