Patty melt toast

Antal portioner : 2

Youll need:

300 g minced meat of your choice
4 slices of toast
200 g of cheese of your choice
Salt & pepper
Butter to fry in

A filling toast with patty butger and lots of melted cheese.


  • Start by shaping the meat in to two burgers, salt and pepper both sides.
  • Heat up the BBQ iron on the fire and add a dollop of butter.
  • While the iron is heating up, you can cut the onion into thin slices.
  • Then put your steaks in the grill iron with some cheese on top and clamp together. Turn the iron at regular intervals.
  • When the steaks are ready, take them out and put them in your toast. Then sprinkle some grated cheese over it and add the onion. Then you add even more cheese and drizzle some of your favorite dressing over it. Then add the last piece of toast and squeeze the iron together again.
  • When the bread has a golden brown surface and the cheese has melted, your toasts are ready to be enjoyed.

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