For best results when cooking, the pan should be well seared with oil or fat.

You can use your Jägarstekpanna exactly as it is when you buy it. Just wash it before first use. The pan will be uneven in color at first, but over time after several times in the campfire the entire pan will blacken. When using the pan, fat is always needed when frying in it. This is a slow method to get a seasoned pan.

However, we recommend that you do a proper seasoning right from the start, which provides a “non-stick coating” and a protective layer against rust formation. You will still need to use fat in the pan when cooking, but significantly less.

Seasoning by the campfire

Season you pan in the kitchen

The seasoning failed

If the seasoning became uneven, you can redo the process by adding another layer of oil and repeating the burn-in until the entire pan gets a burnt-in tone.

In case of a very uneven burning, clean the pan with steel wool and start all over again.

Additional tips when seasoning yoy pan

Some people feel that the result of the sesoning is best if the surface of the Jägarstepannan is first lightly sanded with fine sandpaper.

Season your Jägarstekpanna